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Frequently Asked Question

  • I have a small website; do I still require technical SEO?
    The primary aim of any website is to get the relevant traffic and rank on the search engines, and for this, technical SEO activities are a must. Be it a large organization or a start-up, regardless of the size, technical SEO helps ensure that the website is not going through any performance, hosting, or crawlability issues. Hence, this eventually helps the content to get the top ranking.
  • Can local SEO help my website from the bad reviews of the clients?
    Yes definitely. Online reviews play a crucial part in a buyer's decision, as 65% of the buyers rely on the online review of a product or a service. Through local SEO, the website can showcase the company strengths, USPs, and relevant content to gather the audience. Also, a strategy of the good review will work in favor of the business.
  • How often do I need SEO for my website?
    There is no specific time limit for it. SEO is an on-going process, and if you want your website to rank on the search engines throughout, you must continue with the SEO activities for the longest time.

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